Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trina's Baptism explained

Well that sounds like it was quite the insane week!! High River is destroyed?? What the heck!! This week nothing super exciting, just chilling. That family I told you guys about, the dad is going to America for a month so he won't be baptized for a while but hopefully when he comes back he will be. Most likely I won't still be in this area, so we’ll see how that goes, but hopefully this Saturday, three of his family members will be baptized. A 16 year old, a 14 year old and a 22 year old, which is pretty exciting. Their names are Darren, Rishilla and crystal, I'm pretty excited for them, and they’ve had their interviews already and passed.  Yes the new Mission President is here and he seems awesome. We went to a fireside last night where they had that broadcast, and then he spoke after it. I did watch the broadcast, but because it was in Marshallese it was a little tough to understand all of it.  Talking with people and having conversations where I can get things clarified I can do, but just sitting there listening to people speak straight  Marshallese is a little difficult still, so frankly I didn’t really understand what they were talking about.  The new Mission Presiden, President Weir seems like a really awesome guy, just ready to work and seems very friendly, same with his wife, so I’m excited to see what changes they will make and if the work will be any different. Not that it was bad before but just see how different personalities influence the work in different ways.  That’s nuts that Taylor leaves here pretty soon, is he getting excited or nervous or what? I’m excited to hear how everyone’s missions are different when they come back home. My companion is doing good, same as always. Oh funny story, I was walking down the street the other day and this little kid comes to give me a high five or shake my hand or something and then goes and kisses my hand and says “I love you Michael Jackson!” haha and then kisses my hand again Elder Schmidt thought that was pretty funny, apparently the little kids just love me :p He said it in some pretty good English as well so I was pretty impressed. Just this past week they opened a new supermarket here, and it reminds me of home a little but it was weird walking around in it and hearing some normal music see how organized everything was, with prices on everything and just like way ship shape, frankly that doesn’t happen a whole lot in the Marshall Islands, that was kind of cool and weird at the same time. Oh and I guess I should tell you about Trina’s baptism. Well first they started out with a prayer and then we sung some songs… hahaha just playing,  I was able to baptize her and the spirit was so strong and then after her baptism she went up and bore her testimony and it was so powerful. It’s testimonies like that, that make this work worth it, the fact when you can see it in someone’s eyes when they are truly converted.  A big problem here is baptizing people who don’t really belief or understand what your telling them, and sometimes they tend to fall away and are not that strong for a multitude of reasons.  It’s so comforting to see when someone goes up, who is scared of large groups of people, hates public speaking, and goes and makes everyone feel the spirit about how this gospel truly has changes her life, and how grateful she was that we were able to find her. As a result of her testimony, she brought some non-member friends who studied with Elder’s long ago but now has that desire  rekindled and wants to study with us as well, she was crying and told us she also knew it was true. It’s amazing the difference that one person can make!! That was a really successful baptism I would say, I hope the one this next week is just as powerful. That’s been my week, we have a new district leader who just started working here and I’m excited for that because he’s just an awesome guy, right now our district is so awesome. Just a bunch of awesome guys, Rita is the place to be right now, minus the fact that I’m still stuck in the prison cell house, even the senior couples here call our house the prison cell! Oh well, but life is good, still alive and having success. The work is frustrating at times when people make excuses and don’t come to church, but I know that’s just the way it is.  Ssome times when you have those high expectations and everything seems to be going your way, you need a little dose of reality. Everyone still has their agency and it is our job to INVITE not to force people, so it’s hard sometimes to have the a great attitude all the time. I had sort of a rough Sunday, but during the sacrament meeting felt the spirit and had that realization. I think that’s about all for now.
Lots of lovin from your son Elder Michelson