Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'll try to answer your questions

January 26, 2014
So I don't have a lot of time so I'll try to answer all of
your questions really fast. We held church this week at our house, the
turn up was less because the high councilman who came with us left on
Saturday, but this upcoming week it should be better. We have
it at our house because there is almost nothing established here. No
branch President, no anything, my companion and I run everything. So
that's kind of exciting, gave the talks, blessed the sacrament
just did everything. We have some potential priesthood holder's here
and will try to give them the priesthood and get them more involved,
but interesting scenario to say the least. Definitely got a lot to learn and 

will grow a lot from this experience as well. The lady
who doesn't speak marshallese is an English teacher at the high school
here, the marshallese people, at least the students generally will
know a little english and also the other teacher's and a couple other
people have decent english so that's how she communicates. Her kids
are starting to pick it up, just because they go out and play with
other marshallese kids all day and they are also learning at school,
so we teach them in marshallese. Our days are fairly slow right now,
seeing as we only have a couple people to teach we tend to go to the
same houses and teach them and then go around trying to offer service
or just go and talk to people because that's kind of a part of the
culture, very welcoming friendly people even if they have no interest
in our message, if we really wanted to, we could force almost anyone
to study with us or whatever, but don't think that's going to do a
whole lot of good. The house that we live in now is fairly nice,
and the people who previously lived there just went and lived with
their family right beside them, so they stop by and kind of talk to us
and give us food and what not, which is way nice seeing as we have
nothing. I haven't cooked a meal forever seeing as we don't have
any cooking supplies and stuff like that, so that's fun. Hahaha canned
green beans for breakfast anyone?? That's kind of the way it
is out here. Well the way to get mail or whatever is the same,
just send it to the mission home, and at some point it'll get to me.
That's what happens with that. In terms of bugs and stuff, nothing 

too dangerous or anything, just kind of sketchy when you wake up 
in the middle of the night to see 10 cockroaches on the wall, so yeah 
gotta love bugs and spiders and stuff. I don't know how far from Majuro 
it is exactly, you could probably google that and check that faster than I 
can, it would have to be there somewhere. That should answer all the questions
and stuff, hopefully that's good. What else is fun that I have to say... 

had diarrhea for pretty much a week now... always fun, I'm sure that'll go away 
sometime soon though. We went and checked out some more cool Japanese world 
war 2 stuff, and got some pictures of stuff like that.  I would send pictures but that 
would probably take a millenium so we'll just wait on that one until I get back to 
Majuro. The work will come slowly and surely, we just kind of have to
set evening up and try to get things going out here, I'm sure I'll
have some good stories on that aspect of the work soon enough. But
that's all for now!
Lots of lovin'

From Elder Jordan Michelson