Tuesday, December 17, 2013

There is a reason why we study things

Dec. 9
 Training is definitely an interesting experience, sometimes I feel like my trainee is another investigator, it's hard having to do literally everything and trying to help him learn the language and how to be a missionary while still trying to have powerful lessons that will help the investigators progress. I'm seeing a lot more success and I'm definitely growing a lot, and my personal studies have been some of the most effective they've been. This past week I had one morning where I studied about Joseph Smith and the restoration and honestly had no clue why I was studying for that. I read Preach My Gospel and annotated all of the lesson, made notes, things that stuck out to me and it really helps me to see the big picture of all the lessons, anyways I thought it was just going to be a good personal study and I was going to know a little bit more about Joseph Smith. But I go to my first appointment and it's these 2 ladies that I just started studying with, had just got to the point where we talk about Prophets and dispensations, and I start explaining things, and feel like I should talk about the Restoration. Usually I'll wait and really break it apart and make sure they really understand all the concepts, but for some reason I really felt like I should share it all. I was able to be directed by the spirit and gave one of the most powerful lessons on the restoration that I have given. There is a reason we study things, and if we listen to the promptings of the spirit the Lord will be able to direct us and give us what we say, I'm starting to learn that a whole lot more now, and see that promise in my work. Anyways this week was pretty good, and had some other good experiences, it's amazing what we can do when we are put into new situations. Anyways hope all is well at home, and have another great week, thanks for taking the time to write me!

Mom's note:
Jordan wrote this to Dad, I loved that he shared a experience of the listening to the spirit!! He is training a missionary from the Christmas Islands, he doesn't speak English, and only learned Marshallese in the MTC so that makes communication slightly more difficult!

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