Monday, January 20, 2014

Sorry for the Craziness

January 19, 2014 
Haha okay so sorry for the craziness, and not letting you know what's happening exactly, just kind of been rushed and running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but it's been good! Haha so basically I got to say goodbye to almost no one, it was way rushed and then I just went and worked with a bunch of other companionships throughout the mission, it was weird not having any investigators and what not, so yeah and my companion right now is Elder Vaaulu and he is the man, it's going to be really fun working with him, plus we're going to go do work! I don't know we'll see what the island is like when I get there, I heard that maybe it has email, so we'll see once again. We're kind of just going in blind and setting everything up from scratch, we don't even know if we're going to stay there or not, we need to go find a place to live, and all that. We have a week, if the irooj or like the king i guess of the island says its okay to work there then we are good to go, and we can find a house and figure stuff out. If we don't then I come back and probably head out to arno, where there definitely is no email. So it'll be an interesting next month, but it'll be fun for sure! Oh and the lady that I worked with for all that time, I was not able to see her get baptized but oh well it's not that important, I know I did my part and as long as she does get baptized right? And let's see what else Wotje is, from what I understand, the most beautiful island in the marshall islands, so I'm kind of excited to see it! And we almost flew out this morning, checked all of our bags and were on the plane, flew for 2 minutes and then came back down because there was a problem with the plane, hahaha aindein majol in (just the way it is in the marshalls) but hopefully we'll fly out later to today and all goes smoothly! I guess just send some emails on Sunday and I'll try to respond when I can and see if I can get some internet access! But I love you all a ton and thanks for everything,
lots of lovin'
From Elder Jordan Michelson (Ri-wotje)
mom's note
we got this on friday and didn't know if we would hear from him again for 6 months. I was on pins and needles. Other families with missionaries in the Marshall's haven't heard from them in 5 months so I know it was a possibility.:( 

January 5, 2014
Let's see just like a bit of new news this week... Like maybe I'm going to open an outer island or something and I might be out there for like 6 months with probably no email, and I also get to fly to another outer island and see if that's ready for missionaries, if that's the case that's where I'll call home for the next 6 months. Haha so I'll either be working on Wotje or Arno, I don't know, but then again I don't really care either way I'm opening up a whole new island to missionaries. It is going to be awesome, apparently President trusts me a little so that'll be nice! I'll be working with the former AP which will be nice because Elder Vaaulu is that man, oh it's going to be awesome! It was weird saying goodbye to all my investigators and the area that I was accustomed to once again, and it kind of sucks that I'll miss Katline's baptism, but it's not really important if I'm there or not, at least I helped her progress. And my last sunday in the Laura ward there were 7 investigators that showed up to church, which was just a really nice way to end leaving! So hopefully all those people will progress and do well, so hopefully your online for a bit because otherwise I don't know if I'll be able to talk to anyone for a while. 

Mom's note 
This is the email we got, and got left in the dark with no other emails for a couple of weeks. I needed to know more info so I emailed the mission office. They said that he would be able to email before he left. Unfortunately he didn't email for almost 2 weeks.  

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