Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The work is starting to progress

May 26, 2013

Haha so I kind of dodged a bullet a little bit not gonna lie. So right now I'm working with Elder Schmidt and he is the man, his name is Elder Stafford Schmidt and yeah he's awesome, I think the work is going to really start being productive now, he's only been to the island for like 5 months now, so he's still pretty new to the language and stuff still. Which will help me progress in the language more too, but he's still really good. I'm starting to be able to really understand what people are saying now, I mean I'm definitely not perfect and don't understand everything but i can bwebwenato with people which is nice to be able to do and joke and stuff with them. Trina hasn't gotten baptized yet, she has to have an interview with president first, but in 2 weeks she should be ready. We went out jumboing to all the islands and had a really fun day today, hopefully I didnt get burnt... I need a letter from mama Layton haha or something and mama Grigor,I miss them. I think that's about all to report, in the past 3 days we've had 9 new investigators, which is sweet, so we'll hopefully be able to study with them and help them, we have to do a ton of finding, which will be good because I still need to get out of my shell. But yeah love you guys bunches, and hope your doing well! Love Elder MIchelson 

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