Monday, June 10, 2013

June 9, 2013

Okay first I’ll answer all your questions, yes they have a Book of Mormon in Marshallese and a bible, so reading from the Book of Mormon right now. I'm to the point where I can understand most of the words in the Book of Mormon and get a meaning from reading in marhsallese, Ill look at an English one to clarify but yeah they have a Book of Mormon. No D and C or anything like that yet, but they're working on it. Me and my comp are bros!! haha I love this kid he's originally from Boston, and Philly but his parents live in Saint George right now, and he’s worked in two places now, and he’s pretty good at the language and we work well together I think. I'm loving the work right now and I taught him how to play rook and he says he's going to come for the rook tournament so we can show him what real rook is! Trina hasn’t been baptized yet, but this Friday she will be. Her mother was off island and she wanted her there for it! Selina is getting a calling shortly and I think she’s doing really well. I hope she stays strong, its hard for them to not backslide, that’s a big problem here. The weather depends on the day, I don’t know when the rainy season is, it's kind of a drought right now.  We went jumboing,  jumbo is like wandering kind of just walking around, kind of mixing English and Marshallese a bit, but we went for a jumbo to ejjet which is the other island, in our area, we tried climbing huge coconut trees and then this Kiribati guy, Elder Atantaake who you saw on skype just climbed it like it was nothing, it was ridiculous. We drank some coconuts, tried to go fishing but ejjelok toprak, haha no success, and we got nice and toasty because it was hot and just kind of walked around and hung out, walked on some corral with no shoes on, because I thought it was sandy, not really my brightest moment that kind of hurt a lot and just took some pictures and had a good time. Elders and sisters I have no idea, like 10 sisters on island and probably 40 elders?? I don’t know haven’t really counted, and I love my mother a lot, because she knows her son really well and sends him awesome packages of just straight chocolate!! Haha that was awesome!! And appreciate everything you do for me! And sounds like Taylor is doing well, I would say wish him luck, but I don’t know if he's gone yet! If you do see him again before he leaves tell him I still expect a letter from Eunice. I don’t know what else to say, not a lot of excitement this week, hope you liked the story last week I thought it was pretty good, and yeah if I'm brief about certain things tell me, that’s about it thanks for everything!! Peace out my madre!! Lots of love from your son!

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