Monday, June 10, 2013

word mishap with the new companion June 2,2013

Close on the marshallese, mottan jiddik kwonaaj jela aelop kajin majul haha raanin ej raan im jabot im iaar etal nan monjar haha thats like today is sunday and I went to church, and that sounds like an interesting camp about the mid evil theme. This week was way good, I love my companion he's so awesome and he has been here for 5 months and for sure I am still learning marshallese, I feel like on the last day of my mission I'll still be learning marshallese. The old stake president is the guy who's teaching me marshallese and he's really helping out with the gramatical use of the language because you can't really get that from the normal marshallese people. If you do come, you will definitely have to meet him. No he doesn't really cook, I do all the cooking but no worries, I cook and he does dishes and he's really glad that I cook because I made some really delicious food this week. made a cake with an orange glaze and some mac and cheese with a homemade cheese sauce and then some spaghetti sauce and it was just way good! I also ate some turtle this week which was probably one of the best things I've tasted here so far, so good! I got a good ninnin story about my companion he also learned this word this week! hahaha so Trina our investigator was showing him a picture of one of her friends and as soon as he looked at the picture he stares at it for a sec and asks "ewi ninnin?" kind of struggling through it, and me and Trina look at each each other and just start laughing like what did you just say??? haha its like looking at the phone and asking "wheres the boob?" What happened was she got a message right as he got the phone, and the message said "ewi nin2(squared)" and in marshallese phone kind of text that's like asking where's the baby, but he had no idea why we were laughing so hard, because he hadn't heard the word ninnin before that was a good story quite humourous. We've doing a ton of finding the past week and had a pretty successful week seeing as we started basically from ground zero. My trainer didn't really work the way missionaries are supposed too, and 
I found out that I was training him half the time, oh well you learn right? Elder Schmidt and I have been working hard and trying to get our area to what it could become, because the people are really nice and friendly and this area could be so much better than it is. It always had the rep of a bad area, so we're trying to change that, Elder Schmidt says that I'm just going to stay in Rita and after the next transfer I'm going to train. Holy if that happens that would be a long time in Rita I hope that doesn't happen and I don't know if I'm ready to train, but thats not for a while anyways. Trina is getting baptized this week, which is really exciting because I have seen her completely change, its like she's a new person who she is really solid and ready for baptism. I am so excited for her, it'll be cool for sure. I think that's about all I have for now, thanks for the love and support and lots of lovin from your son Elder Jordan Michelson 

Charmaine here
So I wrote him a sentence in Marshallese, so I guess it wasn't quite right so that's what the beginning is about. I also asked him about the people at church so that where the old stake president sentence came from. 

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