Sunday, August 25, 2013

Still don't know what will happen with the newbies

Aug 4
August 15th the newbies come in, but we'll see if either of us are training. Don't really know anything anymore, it's all speculation and I've heard so much different stuff, but I'll know for sure on Friday what's happening, that'll be good to just kind of clear the air. Dang it, I miss bubble teas!!! Not so much climbing coconut trees here, the people usually do that, but before I get home I am learning!! The new area is coming along very well actually, found a ton of part member families, so we'll see if we can help them out. There is this one less active lady named Justina and she said she prayed that she would be able to go back to church and that something would happen in her life to help her change, and then the next day we showed up. She said she knew that God answers prayers and helps, so that was cool and she also said the bracelet I gave her answered her prayer too. She's being struggling to pray recently and said that the bracelet reminded her that she needed to go to church and pray everyday, so I'll continue to let you know how that goes but that was a cool experience. Then also we found this other investigator through a returned missionary (the rm is a huge stud and helps us so much). He's this 18 year old kid who has lots of questions about religion and we were able to talk to them in english which was nice, sometimes you can't say everything you want to say in the way you want to say it in marshallese, so the english lesson was really good. Hopefully we are going to be able to continue studying with him and help him find the truth, this area is really coming along, because frankly when I got here it was struggling a bit. Hopefully through faith it can get a bit better day by day. I guess how you would say mother to me, would be jinam pronounced Geenum but if i was talking about you I would say jinu Geenuh because for certain words you have to add a possessor to the end of end it to declare who's it is, that's one of the hardest parts about this language is the fact that you can't just like say "see you later" you have to say like see the 4 or more of you later, or see you three people later, its kind of cool, or when your praying you have to differentiate between all of of us which is like the prefix "Je" and convert it talking about everyone excluding the person your talking to like "kom". Kind of confusing and you probably don't understand anything I just said but oh well, I'll try to give an example you would say jenaaj katak which is like we all of us will study and there's komironaaj katakin eok which is like the two of us (excluding you) will teach you. Hopefully you understood that a little bit, if not sorry :p and lets see what else, oh Elder Parente and I are getting along really well actually, not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but if you really try to get along with people you can get along with anyone, because he said himself he's hard to get along with. On p-day's we go into town and going shopping that's what is exciting, that's what I get to look forward to, and Jeff's getting married?? What that happened pretty fast, when I talked to him 6 months ago there really wasn't anyone but that's good glad he found someone! Is Benton or Brandon dating anyone?? Just randomly was thinking about that the other day, and life is moving pretty fast just saying, I can't believe I've already been out for as long as I have. The weeks just fly by, and of course I'm doing what I'm supposed to, Michelson's aren't mediocre momma! Well rain out here frankly destroys days, its bad manners to enter into someone's house if your wet and dirty it just makes life a little but harder, when it really pours, it's hard to find things to do, but I guess that's just part of the work. I think that's about all for now, hope your doing well! You're all in my prayers and I LOVE YOU TONS 
From Elder Jordan Michelson

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