Sunday, August 25, 2013

Part II

July 14 part II 
Gotta a lot of emails to read, life is good and the baptisms went really well the first girl who was baptized is Crystal she's a ysa aged girl and has a way strong desire just super solid doesn't understand everything but really had a desire to be baptized and to keep coming to church. Then the second girl also ysa aged is named Heniko, she was just super solid, got her as a referral and was ready to be baptized. Another Elder baptized her and it was kind odifferent but still good and she is also really ready to be baptized, I hope she will stay strong! I love working with Elder Schmidt, he is the man and we are playing rook together when we get home, I got him to love that game I never ever wear the cotton pants or socks, I die in them, so hotttt!! That's why they're guaranteed to last 2 years haha because I'll never wear them the other one's are good. No worries for pants shirts or socks at this point, and yes I got transfered as I said in the last email, do you get the newsletter's and stuff that Sister Shaw was making?? I don't know what the new mission presidents wife will do, but that's got like  a ton of pictures and stuff on it and it's pretty good. I think that's about all for now, hope life is good and your having fun!! Try not to miss me too much and sounds like you've been having fun at the lake!! I hope your doing well and I hope I answered your questions, you should be getting a letter here pretty soon, so maybe that will help explain a little bit more about the islands and nope you just get soaked, you can't really prepare for when it's gonna rain, you just have to get soaked and that's the way it is! I think that's all. Love you a lot, and I should be able to continue emailing every week although I'm not too sure! 
Lots of lovin from your son elder Michelson

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