Sunday, August 25, 2013

Didn't have power so here's the news

July 14, 2013
I'll read the other email to respond to it but the computers were all closed down so I couldn't email home last week.There was a pretty crazy lightning storm and it screwed some stuff up on the island, but no worries. The church is really close, its walking distance for my whole area so no worries, anyone can come to church it's just if they want to or not. I got a transfer call, I'm officially moving out of my birthplace which is kind of crazy. I didn't expect it at all,but I'm working in Arrak now, which is more jungle and a huge area. I am going to be biking  mostly that's news for me. On august 15th there will be 8 new elders coming in and because i just got moved it's possible that I might be training, that would be crazy,I don't know if I'm quite ready for that. I guess it's just a speculation so I don't really have to worry about it but hey I mean if it's god's will it'll happen right?? That's something they say in the marshall islands all the time, if it's god's will. I feel like when i come home I'm going to have all these weird sayings that I get from my mission, like if food falls on the ground here, at home it's like "5 second rule" but here it becomes kijun satan, which is like satan's food. So funny some of the stuff they say, and let's see had a pretty interesting story, I had a lady ask me and Elder Schmidt if we had diarrhea and we were like... nope? and then she proceeded to tell us how she did and how she pooped herself a little but it's fine because she showered haha. Just random funny stories like that happen all the time! I think I'll read the other email and respond to that too, and see what else I have to say, maybe talk about the baptisms that happened, thanks talk to you in an email that will come fairly shortly 

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