Sunday, August 25, 2013

Am I really transferred today???

July 21
What's up what's up! So a couple of random things you should hook alina up with an email account or something like that haha because she told me to ask you that, and you should let eric buy a blowgun, because they are so fun, and I'm definitely gonna buy one when I get home, he'll be responsible with it and it's just cool!!  How's life with you?? I'll probably send you some more love once I actually get an email from you but I'll let you know a little bit about my week so I thought I was going to get transferred on wednesday so I was getting ready and saying good bye to everyone and then turns out the assistants called and said I wasn't get transferred until Thursday so just kind of had that awkward day where it's like "why aren't you gone yet?" No worries and so Thursday was the transfer and that was good, Trina the lady I was able to baptize threw me a nice little going away party where she brought us some pizza and then had a marshallese tie made for me, so that was nice. I'm really going to miss her, and hope she stays strong, she said she might go to Hawaii and the states because her son is sick and so I'm not sure if I will be able to see her again, but hopefully juon iien juon raan imaron bar loi e maybe one time one day i can see her again. That was kind of sad leaving and then I went to the green side, the west side or the darkside as Elder Ingalls calls it I am replacing Elder Ingalls so all his stories that he's been telling me I get to now go see that's kind of cool. RIght now I'm working with Elder Parente, he's 6'4 and I think I probably weigh more than him, he's a good guy and he's just being himself can't complain. That's my new comp and I definitely will say that I miss working with Schmidt that guy was awesome, and we got along very well, but yeah I'll probably only be working with Elder Parente for 3 and a half weeks or so, we'll see what happens. Cool experience, on Saturday I was able to witness a baptism in the ocean, I'll send some pictures of it later on, but yeah that was cool, I was pretty much soaked at least my pants were and stuff but hey, totally worth it! If I stay in this area long enough hopefully I can baptize some people in the ocean! That would be unreal! I'm excited for that, then on Sunday met all the new people in the ward and stuff, and they were telling me that my marshallese was pretty good and that I learned it pretty fast for the short amount of time I've been on the island which was nice. Then the bishopric in this ward is super legit, the members seem to be really solid and hopefully will 
be good at fellowshipping any investigators we have, which will be nice. The bishopric all rolled up in suits and stuff and I was blown away, and the people in this ward actually sing, it's crazy!! Like they belt it and I was able to really feel the spirit there, the ward in rita was good but the bishop was kind of relaxed. They had a pretty relaxed attitude, which made it a little harder, the problem on this side though is that the area is so long that they will have problems getting people to church they have a van that goes and picks people up but it is too full sometimes, and can't get everyone, so we'll see how that goes. Oh my goodness it has been a while since I have ridden a bike, I might have almost biffed it when I first got on, but no worries, it was pretty funny! We all have to switch over to side bags now, which is sort of inconvenient but oh well ejjelok joraan, it makes us look more professional I guess. The investigators in Rita that I was studying with will hopefully get baptized within the next couple weeks, anxious to hear how that goes, because they were all pretty solid. What else is exciting in my life right now, there's a bunch of drunk guys that always want to talk to missionaries, some of them are just so ridiculous and make it hard to study with people but hey that's kind of just the way it is in Marshall, but I think that's about I'll for now, I'll send some pictures and answer anymore questions when I email later today, thanks bye!

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