Sunday, August 25, 2013

Arrak is totally different

July 28
So that sounds like a pretty fun week for you guys, this side of the island is crazy totally different then the other side, and i'm loving it! The members are way solid and just really nice, and they're still spam lovers but I haven't eaten spam for a while now so that's good I guess. I've been using the heck out of the spices, it's so nice, our land owner gave us some freshly caught marlin this past week and that was freakin delicious breaded it up and put some fresh lime on it with pepper and stuff oh baby that was a good meal! I seriously get coconuts like daily out here, they're a little harder to come by in town, it's cool out here! I miss just about everything honestly so whatever you send is fantastic. I have been making some cakes with orange frosting on them and my companions have been loving that, so that's good. Teaching people, or just talking to people in english is crazy, we talked with this military guy who's working on island and he was asking us what we did and stuff and it started out as a pretty good conversation and then he went all inception on us and starting pulling out these crazy theories and using physics and science and explained his idea of God. That God was sound and chance, and every single person is God, even rocks and stuff, and then proceeded to talk about this perfect sphere and stuff and it was just totally random and after 3 hours or so my head felt like it was going to explode. He asked some pretty interesting questions and it was just a nuts lesson. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that on a daily basis, it's nice that all the marshallese people pretty much believe that there is a God and they have the same definition of him as I do for the most part. Had the inception lesson, because quite literally I felt like I was watching the live version of inception and then after that we went and taught a nine year old and it made me realize how grateful I am for the beauty and the simplicity of this gospel, you don't need crazy formulas you don't need to overthink it, it just makes sense and its so simple and beautiful that a 9 year old child can understand it. So yeah that was a little from my week. English people are interesting to talk to sometimes. That's one of my goals to find someone who knows how to cook marshallese food and find like a cookbook or something like that, not that I'll be able to make much of it when I get home but still I saw another missionary with a cook book and I want to find one like that. I got a letter from the Holts today that was nice, Ty is freakin hilarious and I'll be sure to write them back. Holy cow I almost forgot that Eric is almost 17 what the heck HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY ERC eat some cake for me!! That's been the week so far, I miss you all but I'm still alive and doing well 
lots of lovin from the other side of the world! From Elder Michelson

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