Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's nice to see people are changing

August 10, 2014

Alright so this week was pretty good, having some investigators progress fairly well, and it's nice to see that people are actually changing a little bit, it's not about getting them baptized because honestly here, that's easy to do. Lots of people can be converted to missionaries or personalities and they never actually stay in the church, which is hard to see, but it's nice to see some people who are trying to search for the truth and we are bearing testimony of the truthfulness of these things. I went back to my old area to study with Clay, an SDA man who has been strong in that church for a very long time, he's been having problems accepting Sunday as the Sabbath Day and things like that, and we went and had a pretty good lesson with him, I definitely felt the spirit testify through me. I know that he will get baptized at some point he just has to get a testimony of these things, I hope that he changes at some point. We went and helped the sister's because they just didn't really know what to say to him at the point, and I feel like we helped. Also the Assistants are off island over on Kiribati for this week, so Elder P and I are kind of running the Island which will mean that we will be doing a lot more errand running and taking care of missionaries needs, which I have no problem doing. I feel like my first responsibility is to help the missionaries be able to be successful in their own respective areas and then focus on mine. But it's been good on both aspects of it, hmm what else.. I read a really good talk from the october 2013 general conference about doing things the Lord's way, it was a talk by Stanley G. Ellis and it really stuck out to me for some reason.. I just really enjoy highlighting and analyzing conference talks these days, that's what I've been focusing on a lot more lately and it's really been helping me to understand the importance of revelation. I guess in terms of food I made a maple glazed salmon with creme brulee for dessert... Best meal I've had on my mission that was really nice, and never ever ever did I think I would be able to make creme brulee on my misson, and that was really good. I've been making tacos with homemade tortilla shells and all other sorts of things I don't know it's been nice being with someone who knows how to save money and enjoys eating good food as well. But I think that would be about all for the week, other than the fact that our zone had 9 baptisms this past week, which was awesome and I got to baptize a kid named Golden Jello!! haha thought that was kind of funny, but other than that nothing too terribly exciting just loving life really! 
Lots of lovin'
From Elder Jordan Michelson

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