Sunday, September 7, 2014

We did a lot of running around

August 17, 2014

Alright so nothing all that exciting this week, it was just really slow because the assistants and the president were off island so we were the highest leadership on island and that meant that we had to do a lot of running around and just reporting numbers and all sorts of things like that. So just kind of busy with that and it sucks that the mission office is about 20 minutes away so to do anything over there takes some time for sure. Then I got somewhat sick this week and just slept like a rock until I was feeling better, so that was fun... Had to get our shower fixed which took a huge amount of time, and hence didn't really get to see a ton of investigators, but we do have a baptismal interview coming up this saturday which is nice, she's a 17 year old girl named mina and she's pretty solid, it's nice to see when people actually change. So yeah that's that, and then I guess to answer your questions, yep I still see the ocean everyday and it just makes me want to go barefooting and what not, still missing that, but I guess once again just have to wait. Recently I've been studying general conference talks a decent amount, and have just gained a huge appreciation for talks and things like that. Also I find that weird that Brendan is home now, just mind-blowing really and send some loving his way! In terms of helping the sisters it happens only in special circumstances and that was the man that I was studying with previously, so I had made a pretty good connection with him. He is really worried about the Sabbath and the law of moses and things like that, and I hope that he figures it out soon. I don't know about the most unique food I've eaten, probably turtle?? That was pretty good, or a dried fruit leather kind of thing made from pandanus, that was pretty good, and fairly unique, definitely eat a lot more unique things on an outer island. But I think that's about all for now, just kind of the same old same old! But I'm doing well and I'm still learning a lot, hopefully this next week won't be as slow! I love you all bunches, and thanks for all the love and support.
Lots of lovin'
From Elder Jordan Michelson

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