Sunday, September 7, 2014

This week we go to Arno... one of the outer islands

August 31, 2014

Just sounds like I keep missing out on the big parties! But life over here is pretty good, I got the package that you sent me, and one of the huckleberry jams kind of exploded everywhere,the senior couples had some fun with that one, but most of the package was still in pretty good shape regardless, and I still got a huckleberry jam so that's all fine! I was literally saying the day before that it would be nice if I could get a package, and then the next day the package came, so that was really nice! And no I still suck at letter writing... haha it's just hard to find the time, but I need to start sending some out before it gets too late, I'm just a punk and I will acknowledge that fully! I really do appreciate all the love and support though and I wish I could thank people for all that they do to help, it just kind of gets put on the back burner sometimes. But this week was pretty good, we had a baptism and she is doing well, has a couple of friends and is continuing to come to church, also we gave a guy named George and his wife Bertine a baptismal date and hopefully they will be able to be baptized before Elder P goes home in October. I guess just a couple of random stories for you this week, I believe on Tuesday night I wake up to this yelling... "Bro!!!!" and I see Elder P come out of the bathroom with a broom and was just really confused, turns out that a cat had somehow gotten through our screen window in the bathroom and then came in our house. I think he might have smelt some tuna or something, but that was pretty entertaining.. And then on Friday I randomly woke up at 1 in the morning and just had these eerie feelings and couldn't get back to sleep.. then at around 2:30 I was just kind of laying there and then all of a sudden I see this kid in our house. Some kid had broken into our house and was trying to steal some stuff, and this was kind of ridiculous because over the past 2 weeks Elder P had lost over 400 dollars and his ipod, so obviously this kid had been coming in quite a few times. We had fun chasing him out of our house and not really knowing where he went seeing as we are both really blind... Of course the kid picks the house with the 2 blind Elders to steal from haha kind of ironic, so yeah that was a little adventure for sure. We still haven't caught the kid, but it was this little 14 year old kid, and just didn't put the best spin on the things for the week. Oh well nothing too important was stolen and no one was hurt. What else happened... oh this week we will be going to Arno, one of the outer Islands to go help a struggling companionship. Hopefully we can go help out there, but that will also just be a good trip, you can get there by boat, and it will be just a short ride. So we leave on Wednesday and will come back on Friday, and I'm definitely looking forward to that it's always nice to jumbo! We also had a Zone Conference this past week, and that was pretty good, enjoyed the training given and they focused a lot on Preach My Gospel, which was nice because I feel like we definitely overlook the importance of that book. I have often wondered what would happen if a missionary truly applied everything from Preach My Gospel and how successful that missionary would be? We're obviously not perfect and will fall short, but if we just had faith to do those simple things, missionary work would honestly be so much easier, it definitely is a combined effort both from the missionaries themselves and the members. So that's a little of what I learned and I hope it helps some of the newer missionaries, because some of them haven't exactly figured it out. But eventually they'll get it! Anyways I think that's all from the week, definitely busy running around doing errands for everyone and that takes away from the proselyting time, but sometimes you have to do those things as they come up. Hope that you guys have an awesome week and I love you all a ton!
Lots of lovin'
From Elder Jordan Michelson

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