Sunday, September 7, 2014

We saw some miracles!

August 3, 2014

Alright so don't have a ton of time, but just thought I'd share that I made it back out to Arrak, we're kind of doing a jumbo down here for p-day and it's freakin awesome! I forgot how much I miss the green side of the island, also this week we saw some miracles getting people to the temple this week. My family from Wotje, is on island and happens to be in my new area, so we really focused on getting them to the temple and getting Kooteti the melchezidek priesthood before they
left this wednesday, and we had so much running around to do and only had one day to do it, and some way somehow everything just fell into place exactly when we needed it to. I've honestly never had anything run so smoothly over the course of my mission, where I tell someone to be somewhere at a certain time, or we have to get something and it's
actually there, or whatever. Just everything worked together, so now they have their temple recommends and should be going to the temple this december, which I'm really excited for. That is going to help that family so much, and it's nice to see people who receive all the blessings of the gospel rather than just being baptized and then forgetting about it. I think that's about all this week, and I don't exactly need anything from home, but getting stuff is always nice, and Elder P and I are going to write some letters soon!
Ps also apologize to everyone that I am a HORRIBLE letter writer, I fully realize that, I just really don't have a lot of spare time to sit down and write a letter, but I'm going to try to respond to a couple, because I know how awesome that is to get a letter. But yeah I think that's about all for the week, sorry that it was short and sweet!
Lots of lovin'
From Elder Jordan Michelson

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