Monday, December 29, 2014

I found some really eye opening things about the atonement

December 8, 2014

Well that sounds like quite the interesting week, hope that you are feeling better now. I'm still in Ebeye I fly back to Majuro on monday, it will be the sisters and I that come back on majuro. Also just saying when we go to hawaii, we definitely have to go to the temple and the polynesian cultural centre, one of the sisters that works in Ebeye now lives in hawaii, and gonna have to go visit her when we're there. This week was pretty good, we went to a picnic this week and had a going away party with all the people, yea that was pretty fun. We also had a baptismal interview so this last week we will have a baptism before I leave which will be nice. The couple however won't be able to married because they randomly went to an island for christmas and then didn't tell me about it... So hopefully my companion Elder K will be able to get them married and baptised. I have no doubt that they will be. Kind of was a bummer this week showing up to their house and finding that they just random went to another island! But we found another investigator in that house so that was nice. Also this week I gave a training that I really liked this week about the atonement and the importance of it and I found some really eye opening things about the atonement, I might share some of those thoughts when I give my homecoming talk... Haha I guess we'll see. And for right now I'm just trying to show Elder K around my area, so he knows the people and where to go.. So that's what I'm trying to do to keep busy and also help prepare our investigator for baptism. And naww you don't have to wait to do anything, if it was early december I would say to wait, haha I just want some root beer and chocolates when I come home hahaha, I wish I could go cut down a Christmas tree but that's cutting it way too close, so just have everything all good to go. And for the thanksgiving thing I just couldn't eat all that much because my stomach had shrunk a little bit and I've been feeling not all that fantastic since I've come to Ebeye, but yeah life goes on! And then to answer your last question, I will be with Elder I for my last couple days that I'm in Majuro. I think that's about all for the week though, just trying to finish strong and help whoever I can this last week. Definitely am looking forward to seeing all of you though and thank you all for everything!
Lots of loving'
From Elder Jordan Michelson

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