Monday, December 29, 2014

In terms of funny stories, I do actually have a couple,

October 20, 2014

I did rennet it was dads birthday! Happy birthday!!This week was pretty good, we had a lot of new investigators, but it's still really slow day to day. Just trying to help everyone in the district and motivate as much as I can. I guess in terms of things that I've been studying about, I've been reading the book of Mormon with a focus on hearing the Savior's voice and I guess to just help me improve. I've had some cool new insights and it really does help me realize how much the Book of Mormon truly does testify of Christ. One of the things that I liked from this week was in 2 nephi I think in 32nd chapter, how it talks about gaining knowledge and how Nephi mourns for those who choose not to gain knowledge, that if we rely on the Savior he will be able to give us knowledge concerning all things. And how as we feast upon the words of Christ we will be granted more and more knowledge and in time we will be able to speak with the tongue's of angels. I found that fairly interesting because I know that in order for individuals to be truly converted they need to feel the truthfulness of these things and that can only happen as we do our part. It sucks sometimes to see that many missionaries just don't understand that, that "as long as I'm baptizing people it doesn't matter what I do" attitude just stinks sometimes. I'm obviously not perfect and have so much to work on, but I wish I could rely more wholly on the spirit, and be able to share with people this knowledge. I guess that's what I learned this week, I like the focus of this study. In terms of funny stories, I do actually have a couple, mostly about my new trainee... he had a scorpion crawl up his pants, which is now taped to our fridge as a trophy. Surprisingly it didn't sting him though just caused quite the scare. Also he's been struggling some what with the pronunciation of some things which leads to some fairly good laughs for me... such as "When I speak English, I have Diarrhea" "You should do me" "Do you want to get drunk with me" hahaha things like that, where he's trying to say "when I speak English, I'm loud" "Can you help me" and "Do you want to take lessons with me" so that's always fun, but he's a champ and I love him. The island is just really really crowded and there are so many kids here. If anyone does anything cool there is just an army of kids right there right away. Sometimes the streets will get flooded and they'll take pieces of plywood and more or less surf down the streets. There is a church building here and it's fairly small, but it works. The people here are really nice though and the member's help out a ton. That's about all though, if you want some more specifics I'll try to answer those questions. Thank you for all the love and support and look forward to talking to you again next week!
Lots of lovin'
From Elder Jordan Michelson

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