Monday, December 29, 2014

Agency, attitude, and accountability and how those three concepts relate

October 10
okay well first off I am no longer a zone leader, seeing as Ebeye is a completely different island and there is no zone here, which isn't a big deal just thought that I'd let you know. I am the District leader out here and this place definitely needs some help, the only missionaries that have really been working hard lately have been the sister's and the other 3 sets haven't really been doing much. So hopefully I'll be able to do something to help that a little bit and help change the attitude out here. I've learned that is something that really makes a huge difference is your attitude and how you look at where you work and what you're doing. My last training that I gave in Zone meeting was about that and I thought it went pretty well, it was about agency, attitude, and accountability and how those three concepts relate. That sometimes we will be placed in situations that maybe we wouldn't choose necessarily but our attitude about that situation makes all the difference. I think I needed to hear that training too because as I came out here, this is definitely not a situation that I would choose to put myself in, we are literally starting from ground zero and have almost no one to see. But that doesn't matter, I'm already starting to see some people and have some people that could be pretty good. Also the member's out here are really willing to help so that's nice to see, I've gotten a ton of referrals since I've been here and it has been pretty good. So I guess that's just a little bit about the work and stuff, I can tell that it will definitely be a little hard at times, but I definitely am going to enjoy finishing my mission this way.  Companion study right now consists of teaching Elder S some of the new things that he needs to learn, he just came on Saturday. I am partially training him until his real trainer comes in. So I'm in a tripanionship right now, and that's going pretty good. To answer your other question, there are 3 branches out here, and I work in the 2nd branch, they are trying to work to help it become a stake, and they are doing a pretty good job of going to the rescue and things like that. That's a little more about Ebeye, the Schaffer's are awesome and invited us over for Canadian thanksgiving, we had chili and scones, but hey I'll take it! But they are awesome and I'm really glad that they are here, they definitely want to help and will hopefully make a change in the Seminary and Institute programs here. But I think that's about all I have to say, nothing too much more. Thanks for everything and hope that you have a fantastic week!
Lots of lovin'
From Elder Jordan Michelson

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